Custom lodination

Our specialty is custom radio iodination using 125-Iodine. We can do chloramine -T, iodogen,  lactoperoxidase etc. for $2000. (Most companies charge $3500 +) If you let us do it by our own TANGO method, we charge just $1100 and you can have the whole yield from 1 mCi of radioiodine. All our products are HPLC purified and only monoiodo product with the maximum theoreticlal specific activity are supplied. Proteins of greater than about 50 kD are gel purified to remove all free iodine. These are iodinated with a stoichiometrically determined ratio of iodine to protein to suit your needs. Why pay $500 to $900 for 10 or 50 µCi  of catalog tracer which is probably 2 to 4 weeks old before you even get it? We will make your tracer fresh and you can have as much as you want for $1100.
Try our EVENING THREE STEP. (1) You send us your peptide/protein/substance, (2) we iodinate it that evening, and (3) send it back the next day! Furthermore, we will store your material frozen and the next time you need it you only need to send an email.
Does your peptide of interest lack tyrosine or histidine and require Bolton and Hunter’s iodination? We can do this using our TANGO method. It is so quick and easy for us bypassing the need for solvent extraction and evaporation. We call this our BOLTON & HUNTER QUICKSTEP and we charge less than what you would pay for the pre-labelled reagent!
Does your peptide of interest lack tyrosine and histidine but have an arginine residue? You will be interested to know that we are developing a method that modifies the arginine side chain to an iodinatable moiety! You guessed it… We are calling this the ARGININE TANGO!
Does your new lead substance iodinate? Don’t waste thousands of dollars on legal fees and waste endless time preparing confidentiality statements and then documenting chemical characteristics just to let someone assess the possibility that it will iodinate. Sometimes it’s better to adopt the suck-it-and-see principle. Just send us a few micrograms and a vague estimate of its MW and we will do a pilot iodination using our TANGO method. Our HPLC or gel chromatography purification will confirm if the isotope has been taken up. We will do this for just $1100.
Contact us to discuss your radioiodination needs and how easily this can lead you to a highly specific and sensitive radioimmunoassay, radio receptor binding assay, radioinhibitor binding assay or methods for autoradigraphic localization of possible receptors (a must for venom researchers).
Ask for our helpful guide on getting your material to us. We already have many commonly used peptides on hand..